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Zahira mudra pink leotard by erikderoij.

Zahira Mous

Free Yourself

Photo credit: Erik de Roij

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The mission at Zahira Mous is fostering aliveness through a love for oneself via dance, art, creativity, and meditation. Zahira brings her work to you in various ways: through workshops, trainings, her writing, as well as one-of-a kind art pieces. On this website you can learn more about Zahira's work as well as purchase the art straight form the online shop. Have a look and let us know if you have any questions.

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move from the wisdom
of your body

creations based on
aura and energy

memoirs about

healing through the body

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I have removed the heavy cloak.
And blanket myself in love.

Zahira Mous

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Free Yourself

through movement & creativity

Zahira has explored artistic and spiritual practices across the globe, extracting a deeper understanding of varying cultures and languages and how they influence humanity and, by extension, the arts - and vice versa, how the arts influence humanity. Her entire journey is about liberation through dance, meditation, and creativity. Zahira invites you to free yourself.

And have fun! Feel your aliveness. You deserve it.

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