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Zahira Mous

Free Yourself

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Dance | Art | Writing

The sole mission at Zahira Mous is fostering a love for oneself through dance, art, creativity, writing, and meditation. Zahira brings her work to you in various ways: through workshops, trainings, her writing, as well as one-of-a kind art pieces. On this website you can learn more about Zahira's work as well as purchase the art straight form our online store. Have a look at what we’re doing to inspire you to free yourself.

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move from the wisdom
of your body

creations based on
aura and energy

memoirs about

healing through the body


I have removed the heavy cloak.
And blanket myself in love.

Zahira Mous

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Free Yourself

through movement & creativity

Zahira has explored artistic and spiritual practices across the globe, extracting a deeper understanding of varying cultures and languages and how they influence humanity and, by extension, the arts - and vice versa, how the arts influence humanity. Her entire journey is about liberation through dance, meditation, and creativity. Zahira invites you to free yourself.


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