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SIT in Motion 

self-integration tools with movement & creativity through the wisdom of the body

What is SIT in Motion?


Background of SIT in Motion

In 2009, Zahira was inspired to create movement based on paintings, which culminated in the choreographic composition method ART in Motion, which has been the springboard for SIT in Motion - a dance improvisation based method utilizing creative assignments.


In 2014 Zahira participated in an art therapy course with late Meera Hashimoto and through that process -and other creative healing and therapy trainings-, Zahira continued to develop SIT in Motion to what it has become today.


SIT in Motion includes the elements of the art that lie within; our energy, the colors we are drawn to, the movements our body would like to explore. So, there's no aesthetic desire. There's no planned outcome. There's only the intention to explore in a safe and playful space. And with wonderful unforgettable experiences.

Thus far, Zahira has facilitated SIT in Motion (formerly known as ART in Motion) for multiple groups in Brazil, the United States, the Netherlands, Greece, and Palestine.

Photo taken during Meera's art therapy workshop in Osheanic International, Brazil

In SIT in Motion the focus is on dance improvisation, allowing the body to lead the movement and observing the control of the mind. It is a deep mindfulness practice, facilitated in a playful, safe and joyful way, including guided meditation for grounding and connecting to the inner world. This workshop allows you to step out of form and into Being. The workshop also provides creative assignments in different ways: drawing our inner energy in abstract ways on paper, dancing what we’ve drawn, dancing what someone else drew… All to stimulate being in the moment, observing, becoming aware of what moves inside of us. All of these methods are intended to get out of the head and into the body, to let the wisdom of the body speak.

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