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Zahira creates these Energy Art works while meditating, dancing and tuning in with channeled energy. She has a free-flowing style and creates mixed media abstract art.

Upon commission, the artist creates the work based on the client's aura and soul energy.

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"where the heart and head meet in the hara"

most recent acquisition from client in Rio de Janeiro

Purchase your own Soul Portrait right here or enter in contact for more information regarding commissions. All sizes possible. International shipping.

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by Fabio Zambroni about 'where the head and the heart meet in the hara'

"Zahira is an explosion of recognition and love! It is so rare when souls recognize each other, like 'meeting again.' And having those memories translated into images created a carnival in my heart. I have been watching this art work for hours and am rediscovering myself through the attentive and sensitive look of this lady, who overflows in beauty with everything she touches!"

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-03 at 12.52.13 PM

"Ocean" is an artwork especially commissioned for me. The results were beyond stunning. The love and warmth with which I received the parcel also was priceless - there was a lovely poem written specially for me at the back. Zahira's creativity stems from her unique equations with the people she meets - the vibe she shared with me was poured into her artwork and I have received endless compliments on the art from all my visitors. This one is truly special! 

— Madhuparna Dasgupta

from Mumbai, India


I bought this piece of art from Zahira’s ‘Energy Art’ collection in 2019. This piece, entitled "Fire," is striking and bold, it contains Zahira’s vitality and Joie de Vivre. I wanted a unique piece from my travels in Europe and this is the perfect piece. I look forward to seeing more of Zahira’s paintings in the future.

— Dianna Wallace

    Canberra, Australia

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