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Zahira is often called a "Renaissance Woman," which means a woman who has acquired knowledge and proficiency in more than one field. In her school years, she was advised to 'choose one thing,' but it's just not in Zahira's nature. So, she is a dance theater maker, a performer, a writer, an educator, a producer, a painter, and a therapist - all embedded in the passions for dance, creation and connection. 

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Coming up...

Zahira and Kaley have created brand new alteregos for a unique performance in Paradiso Amsterdam on Tuesday, December 19th. YOU'RE YOUR OWN GURU is a comedic duet, during which "Shanti & Shakti" give you many tools for spiritual and emotional healing. Come have a laugh (at us and yourself)


Most of this year was dedicated to creating THE RITE - a duet about femicide, which Zahira made in co-creation with Ivana Berkhout. Due to Zahira falling off the set during rehearsal two weeks prior to opening night, she replaced herself with dancer Rosalie van Wamel. THE RITE successfully played for four nights in Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. Each performance was accompanied by an after-talk with the audience, moderated by human rights attorney Geraldine Moodley.

earlier in 2023...

January 24: FREE follow up trauma healing gathering (online) by Catharsis Holistic Healing Palestine, organized by Ashira Rachana Darwish, with Dr. Gabor Maté, Kath Temple and Zahira Mous.

Feb 10: Featured Artist during the 2nd Friday Art Walk, produced by the Norman Arts Council in Oklahoma (USA). Opening reception of new abstract art series Opulent Opalescence at the J-Byrd Boutique & Gallery. Worldwide shipping.

Interview for Noardewyn Live | Omrop Fryslân with Willem Waldpyk (in Frisian language) (Dec '22)

"Bringing Light to Where There's Darkness"

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