movement meditation

Welcome to a brand new opportunity to move your body, gain self-insights, and make friends with yourself (and potentially others in the group). An afternoon of movement meditation on Saturday, December 17th in Amsterdam

This workshop is EXTRA fun, because it's co-produced between Zahira and Bin! You'll start with Zahira's short version of the rebranded training called SIT IN MOTION (you may know it as Art in Motion).

SIT stands for Self-Integration Tools.

In SIT IN MOTION you are guided to turn to your body for wisdom.

Through guided dance improvisation exercises, you get to explore

movement in a playful way. You’ll be invited to allow the body to

lead your dance and observe the (control of) the mind. This training

allows you to step out of form and into Being. This practice increases

your self-awareness. Some movement assignments are directed from

specific energy centers, such as the root, the hara, the solar plexus,

and the heart space. The workshop also provides creative assignments,

possibly: drawing our inner energy in abstract ways on paper, dancing

what we’ve drawn, dancing what someone else drew... All to stimulate

being in the moment, observing, becoming aware of what moves inside of us, and to see it visually. And to be seen. To sit with yourself. With presence. SIT IN MOTION brings joy, aliveness, and awareness through creative flow.

After Zahira's workshop there will be a tea break and then you'll get to have a tai chi session with Bin Zhu.

Be still like a mountain, flow like a rivier. 太极,Taichi or Taijiquan is an internal Chinese martial art based on Taoist and Confucius philosophy around the dynamic relationship of yin and yang. Nowadays it's mainly practiced as a form of moving meditation, mindfulness in motion to promotes even respiration, balance and relaxation leading one to feel grounded, centered, relaxed, calm and at ease. During the workshop we will gently warm up the body, then continue with a short still meditation, practice abdominal breathing and visualization. We will end the workshop experiencing a short form of Taichi in combination of Qigong (energy work) called Baduanjin 8 silky brocades. The practice is designed to re-establish the normal circulation of energy in the body, wake up the life force Chi or Qi to stimulate the mental and physical health.


More about Bin: 

Bin was born in China but grew up in the Netherlands. Unfortunately in 2019, at the peak of her career as a tattoo artist, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. At the beginning of 2020 she went to China for a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. During her stay there she met a 81 year old Taichi master who accepted her as disciple and taught her different sequences from various schools. The practice of Taichi has greatly helped Bin's recovery alongside the holistic healing treatment. At the end of 2021 Bin competed in Beijing district martial art competition, winning several awards. Ever since she came back to Amsterdam in January this year, her focus has been on teaching Taichi and spreading the benefits of this discipline.


Date: December 17th, 2022

Time: 14:00-17:00h (2-5pm)

Location: Studio Marmalade 

Address: NDSM-Plein 90e

Fee: €35