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body therapy

Zahira has been trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM). It is a deep tissue oil massage including assisted yoga stretches. The session is adjusted to suit your needs. Zahira always starts the session with a 'check-in' moment to see how you are feeling, where you feel tensions in your body and in your life and will ask what you'd like to work on in the session. Prior to your session, Zahira tunes in with your energetic field and senses which essential oils to use to best assist you in your (healing) process.


The AYM method was developed by Kusum Modak in Pune, India, after many years of studying traditional Ayurvedic massage and Iyengar yoga. AYM is a therapeutic body work method that works on physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels. Zahira was trained in Brazil in 2014 by Ma Bodhigita, one of Modak's first disciples.

What to expect during an AYM session

In practical terms, an AYM session works the whole body, including the therapist's hand and feet. Oil is used as well as a powder from an Indian ground root of acorus calamus. This powder helps exfoliate, improves circulation, heats the body, and helps remove natural toxins. (Disclaimer: based on Zahira's tuning in with your energy, it is possible she chooses not to use the powder in your session.) Assisted yoga postures are facilitated to further help the opening of the body and the release of bound connective tissues.​ These movements can relax tendons and ligaments and improve the synovial fluid in joints.


Zahira sees a session as a journey; you breathe together and stay present together throughout. She takes time prior to the session to understand your situation as well as utilizes her spiritual skillset of tuning in with your energetic field. This is how she selects the appropriate essential oils and guides you with presence throughout your session. Zahira's sessions may help you gain more body awareness as well as emotional consciousness.​

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